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Darwin Growth Fund SPC was incorporated in 2016 and Darwin Strategic Fund, its first umbrella fund, major invests in the projects from mid- to long-term equity and bond funds, to provide stable investment returns and sound capital appreciation for investors.

Target project
  1. The economic development and market competition in Mainland made a distinction between high-quality and low-quality corporates. Sinostar Asset Management, through both the relationship network and professional analysis of our investment management team, distinctly captures potential corporates and projects, and builds a financing platform to enhance the resources compatibility within all parties involved and bring a stable investment return for investors. In order to meet its investment objectives and seek for long-term capital appreciation, Darwin Strategic Fund SP intends to acquire the shares of market capitalization over USD $ 300 million of global corporates. In addition, our fund manager uses the investment process to invest the equity-linked notes and convertible bonds and so on issued by private companies. Our financing platform offers credit for the immediate need of private companies and short but stable high-yield returns for investors to enhance their return on the entire portfolio, including many state-owned enterprises and private companies ready to go public.
  2. We collaborate with the international investment banks to invest in the large infrastructure industries, including communications and energy development. In addition, Sinostar Asset Management, cooperating with the world's leading universities and international fund companies by partnership, builds a financing platform on eco-friendly energy integrating the most high-end and advanced eco-friendly technologies with the fund companies with strong financial strength and drives more obvious investment benefit. Apart from the existing sewage treatment projects, the fund will add more research projects to explore and promote other renewable energies. Sinostar Asset Management does not only act as the fund manager, but also as the project manager of any eco-friendly energy project. Under our dual role of playing financing platform on environment and conservation fund, investors can directly participate in the eco-friendly energy projects united with global funds, government agencies, and national enterprises, to achieve a long-term capital appreciation.
Investment Products